Dec 142012

It is a holiday season, and, believe me, I know how hard it is to stay in good shape: your family and friends are spoiling you with delicious food and you can’t resist staying in for nice long talks and TV-watching, so a little while later you see unwanted extra-inches and feel low energy in your body… I’m partly guilty myself icon wink How to stay in good shape during holidays   tips from Savannahs chiropractor Dr. Day but my wife helps me watch what I eat and be active. Here are some tips I wanted to share with you on how to retain your high energy and avoid gaining extra-weight during holidays this year.

Tip #1: replace TV-watching with some meaningful family-activities. We don’t even have a TV at our home. Instead, we do puzzles together, read, go for a walk with our doggie, do chores together, which not only brings us closer, but also empowers our children to take charge and demonstrates how much we trust them with accomplishing “big people” tasks.

Tip #2: for family-gatherings, cook something healthy. Instead of making mashed potatoes from a box, make them from potatoes icon smile How to stay in good shape during holidays   tips from Savannahs chiropractor Dr. Day I know, sounds funny, but with our American busy life-style I see many patients who just don’t pay attention to what they eat, which leads them to a variety of health-related problems. We at our home eat salads with no dressing. My wife doesn’t even add any salt. Instead, for this purpose she uses organic feta-cheese, which makes any salad delicious icon smile How to stay in good shape during holidays   tips from Savannahs chiropractor Dr. Day For outing days we have a rule: if we eat a sandwich or a pizza, we eat raw vegetables with it. Out children know: if they don’t eat their baby-carrots, they don’t eat pizza either.

Tip #3: replace sodas with water. There has been a great deal of research done revealing life-threatning damages sodas make to our bodies. Learn how to love water instead. In our family, we only drink water and green tea. Add lemon and honey to it – delicious! By the way, while drinking water, you will in fact LOOSE weight.

Tip #4: spend quality family-time outside of home. You can go biking, hiking, swimming in an inside-pool, you can go to a park and run around with kids, play hide-and-seek, jump on your one foot or chase each other, you can  go ice-skating and more – just do some research in your city and trust me you will find all bunch of fun things to do together during holidays!

Here are some pictures of my own family to inspire you to be active and create great memories while not gaining weight this year. By the way, if you need to loose weight now, check out this new product I offer at my clinic now – click here.


Nov 142012

We are so excited to announce that we now offer ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge at Day Chiropractic in Savannah! If you want to get in shape or your want to have great residual income while working at your own convenience, call us at 912-351-3644 today and get the body of your dream, your health and wealth!

Visalus realresults1 ViSalus | Body by Vi Challenge is now at Day Chiropractic in Savannah!

What is Visalus? ViSalus is the #1 weight loss and fitness challenge platform in North America. Above you can see the the great results Visalus produces for those who want to get back in shape. I personally was inspired by this video below, so I decided to offer Visalus to my patients, many of whom suffer from being overweight, which forces them to have low energy, constant back and knee-pain, reduces quality of their lives overall as their bodies do not feel comfortable. Watch the video:



To find out more about Visalus, CLICK HERE. I have had many of my patients say great things about Visalus shakes they got from me. Call us at 912-351-3644 today and get the body of your dream, your health and wealth!

Oct 232012

haelthy senior citizens 1024x682 Chiropractic for Senior Citizens

Dr. Philip Day has been receiving amazing positive feedback from seniors who take advantage of his chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis.

To hear testimonials for Dr. Day from elderly people, please click here.  

Now Dr. Day aims to help seniors stay active through not only ongoing chiropractic care, but also the new balance therapy he established. Added to his rehab-equipment is a new star-machine, on which one can learn how to keep balance. Why is balance important? – you may wonder. As many as 28% to 45% of elders fall each year……

Even though one’s balance will, most likely, decrease with age, balance training can limit the loss or even improve performance. Maintaining balance means having the centre of mass within your base of support with your trunk aligned over your feet. In the past, people have tended to believe that perfect balance was best illustrated by standing on one leg and staying as still as possible for as long as possible. However, if we were to take a time-lapsed photograph of someone performing that activity over several minutes, even the most skillful mime-artist would fail to reproduce it. Thus, even when we are trying to remain completely still, our body is constantly oscillating, transferring energy, loading and unloading in a type of perfect chaos. Consequently, a human body’s systems are set up to respond to feedback, and, if we were to remain completely still, no feedback could be offered. Balance is a dynamic process, which applies to everything we do. Ordinarily, we take our balance for granted, but it is an important and vital part of our daily life.

Imbalance can be caused by age, misalignment in one’s body and many other reasons. Imbalance itself can cause vision problems, pain or weakness in hips, knees and feet, it can reduce one’s ability to lift feet and arms, and many other undesired consequences. Adjustments by Dr. Philip Day help restore proper alignment of a spine, increase wellbeing and return functionality to one’s body as well as improve the quality of life. 

If you are a senior citizen and want to improve your health and prolong your life, contact Dr. Philip Day today – BE PROACTIVE ABOUT YOUR WELLBEING!

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